Information service
Wide variety of interconnected software
modules applicable in various fields of the
territorial administration:
  • urban planning,
  • land management,
  • management of land and property complexes.
We are pleased to present our solutions which proved to be effective in the real life activities of our customers. Our digital services automate daily routines, turn tedious and time-consuming tasks into simple ones, and eventually make life of our customers easier, allowing more time for creativeness and strategy decisions.
Document management
Safe city
Excavation works
Forests and parks maintenance
Land plot management
Accounting of court cases
Computer vision
Road traffic evaluation

Why is our company exactly what you need?
Individual approach
We adapt our system just for you. We will set up execution processes, edit document templates.
All information in one place
Orthophotomaps, general plans, urban zoning maps, cadastral data, topographic surveys and other data are loaded into the system. You can work with any data at the same time.
We will help you
Do you have a question about working in the system? Have you got a new employee and needs to be trained? Technical support specialists will always help you.
Better and better
We do not stop there. Every day our employees work on new system features.
Professionals work
Every week, our employees attend thematic seminars, deepening their knowledge of the subject area.