Accounting of court cases
Automation of supervision procedures of judicial processes for a Legal Department.
Monitoring the progress of judicial processes in relation to real estate objects.
Maintaining an electronic archive of court decisions for subsequent accounting in urban development activities.
  • Storing and searching information about court trials and judgments;
  • Monitoring the stages of trials;
  • Electronic storage of all types of court documents;
  • Accounting for links between court trials and real estate objects;
  • Electronic planning of the Legal Department;
  • Informing users about the existence of a court case or court decision in the process of working with a real estate object.

Other solutions

Accounting for correspondence and documents of all types, their relationships, managing the processes of document flow.

Automation of the process of preparation and approval of the urban planning plan of the land plot.

The system is designed for operational monitoring and management decisions in crisis situations and incidents.

Automation of the process of preparation and issuance of permits for earthworks provides monitoring of the current state of open earthworks.

Accounting for economic activities on the territory of forests and parks

Traffic simulation using a flexible digital model.

Publishing a wide range of data on the state of the territory on the Internet as well as facilitate interaction between the Government and citizens and companies.

Feature extraction from remote sensing data.

GradINFO is a set of interconnected software modules applicable in various areas of the territorial administration